Tips to write a business review or testimonial

Updated: Jul 24

Business reviews/testimonial are very important for businesses because they help build trust and credibility with potential customers. Reviews are also helpful for other people who are looking for information about the business, such as its location, hours of operation, and services offered. Here are some tips which you should consider while writing a business review!

Client or customer giving a 5-star rating to a business or product! This blog provides you with tips to consider while writing a business review or testimonial.

Tips to consider while writing a review:

  • Think of a few things you liked about the business and write them down.

  • Think of a few things that you didn't like about the business.

  • Think about what you would tell your friends if you were recommending this business to them.

  • Write your review in one sentence but make it memorable and include an emoji!

  • Think about what you want to say in the review and how will it help other potential customers.

  • Write your review in a clear, concise, and organized manner.

  • Be honest in the review and highlight the positives while also including any negatives that you experienced during your visit.

  • Include a photo of yourself with the business owner or staff member or product if possible to show that you were actually there and experienced what they offer first-hand. Including photos in your reviews can help paint a more complete picture for potential customers.

Words that you can use while writing a business review:

Most Important Tip: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Even a simple single line review from a client can have a great impact. Reviews can be helpful for people who are considering the business and simple words from people they can relate to can just be right for them. So just keep it simple!

Need help writing a business review? Most important tip: Keep it simple!

Tip for businesses:

Simplify the process of writing a business review for your clients by sharing a link to this blog when you ask them to write a review on your business page!

Don't know how to ask clients or customers for reviews? Which platform should be to used while asking for reviews? Which format is most suitable to share a customer review or testimonial form? Contact us today and get a personalised solution!

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