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Visual Communication

Ensure that your brand is communicated visually to your audience!

Brand Identity

Business Cards

Posters & Banners

Stationery Design

Logo Design

Flyers & Brochures

Label & Packaging

Social Media

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  • Why hire a graphic design firm?
    Hiring a graphic design firm offers professional expertise, time and cost savings, consistency across branding, access to a range of services, and quality results tailored to your needs and goals.
  • What services does MOHAR Designs offer?
    MOHAR Designs offer graphic designing, website designing, brand identity, package design, social media marketing.
  • Do we offer website maintenance and updates?
    Yes, we offer website maintenance and update services to ensure that your website remains up-to-date, secure, and functioning optimally at all times.
  • What industries does MOHAR specializes in?
    MOHAR Designs is a Sydney based design firm that serves small to medium-sized businesses all around the world. We currently work with businesses in the following industries: ✓ Automotive and Transportation ✓ Architecture, Construction and Contracting ✓ Food, Beverage and Restaurant ✓ Beauty and Massage ✓ Finance and Insurance ✓ Religious and Spiritual But have the potential to work with clients from all industries, to fulfill all their requirements in the most efficient manner.
  • Do MOHAR Designs offer custom design solutions tailored to individual client needs?
    Yes, we specialize in offering custom design solution as per the need of company or the client.
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